Promoting Conference
"like an Owner" 

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Video Ask Selfie - "Why Conference"

1. Open this page on mobile to complete this step. All other steps can be done on a desktop.


2. Watch the video attached to this step.

3. Click the button at the bottom of the video to upload your video response.

4. Record a short video (60 seconds) answering the following: 

  • Why are you going to conference this year? 

  • What are you hoping to take away from conference this year?

  • If you've attended in-person conferences in the past, what kind of an impact did those have on you?

Note: You can just record the video on your phone using your selfie camera. 


Marketing Assets: Facebook Cover Photo, Instagram Photo & Facebook Profile Photo Frame

1. Go to the following Google Drive folder:

2. Download the "Altitude - FB Banner" to your device. (both the jpeg and png should work fine, so it shouldn't matter which one you download).

3. Go to your personal Facebook profile. 


4. At the top of your profile page, you should see your cover photo. Click the button titled "Edit Cover Photo" at the bottom right hand corner of the cover photo section.

5. Click "Upload Photo" from the dropdown menu.

6. Look for the "Altitude - FB Banner" photo you just downloaded from the Drive folder and upload it. 

7. If it's not already centered, reposition it so that it is centered.

8. Click "Save Changes" at the top right just above the cover photo section.

9. Facebook Frame Activation: There's 2 methods you can use for adding this frame to your profile photo...

A) Click the link to add: 

B) Navigate to your Facebook profile, click to edit your profile photo and select 'Update profile Photo", Select 'Add frame' and search for 2021 Monteith Altitude Conference.


Social Media Post Template & Guidance (Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram)

1. Go to the following Google Doc:

2. Utilize the template and template example from pages 1 and 2 to create your own version of copy to promote the conference following our template. 

3. Use the copy sample on page 4 for your own post to promote the conference. 

4. Make sure to like and comment on the post of others. This says to Facebook's algorithms, "show this to more people" and those posts will been shown on more individuals feed.

Note: In terms of timing, time the posts out a bit. Post either the copy/paste sample or the template based post, let it gain some traction, and once that traction has died down (usually within a couple of days), feel free to post the other.